Feed the Birds


Select the Proper Bird Seed
Bird Seed Selection
The type of bird seed you purchase will go a long way in determining what types of bird frequent your area.  Our guide will help you select the correct type of bird seed.  
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Wild Bird Presentation
Prince Wild Bird Presentation
Learn all there is to know about Prince Wild Bird Food. Plus get some great tips on choosing the correct feeder, proper feeder maintenance as well as dealing with common nuisances.
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Monrovia Habitat Design
Bird Garden Habitat Design Presentation
Learn how you can recreate natural habitats within your own backyard using different types of plants that will attract a wide variety of birds!
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Click Here to download our sample Bird Garden Habitat Design.  Use the whole design or discover a few new ideas to add to your existing landscape!

Monrovia Plant Listing
Monrovia Plant Listing
Download this convenient PDF file for a listing of plants that will provide birds with shelter, nesting areas and places to feed within your yard!
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Stein Plant Listing
Stein Plant Listing
Download this quick reference PDF quide that will provide you with the botanical name and common name of plants that are beneficial to attracting birds to your yard!
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Additional Birding Resources

The following articles were published in our monthly newsletters in recent years.

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